• Open access statement of ABPA

    Acta Biologica Plantarum Agriensis (ABPA) publishes fully open access journal, which...

  • Researchers from the Field Museum

    Researchers from the Field Museum, Chicago at the Herbarium of Eszterházy Károly...

  • Databasing the Vietnamese collection at Herbarium in Eger

    Databasing the Vietnamese collection at Herbarium in Eger (EGR)

  • Research at Paris herbarium (PC) on the Madbryo project

    Andrea Sass-Gyarmati, from the Department of Botany of Eszterházy Károly Egyetem...

  • New volume of ABPA

    Newly published volume of Acta Biologica Plantarum Agriensis is already fully accessible.

  • Biotalent blended e-learning course

    As you may have heard through one of our communication channels, an exciting opportunity...

  • Conservation and Endangered Species Grant

    The International Association of Bryologists (IAB) now accepts applications for the...

  • IEEC 2018

    2nd International Environmental Education Conference IEEC 2018 30th May - 1st...

  • Institute of Biology

  • Index seminum 2021

    What is an Index Seminum? Why is so important „Index Seminum” in botanical gardens life?

  • Novák Blanka's winning project

    Novák Blanka's project for the Hungarian New National Excellence Program (ÚNKP) 2020/2021 entitled "SynthEthics: Ensuring Prosperity in the World of Biotechnology" has won the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology, which work is conducted under the mentoring guidance of dr. habil. Marianna Marschall, institute director.

  • Workshop on Invasive Alien Species in EU INBO 2018

    The next International Conference "EUROPE-INBO 2018" for a better implementation of the European Water Directives will be held in Seville, Spain from 17 to 20 October 2018 at the invitation of the Hydrographic Confederation of Guadalquivir.

  • PBE 2018

    With a multidisciplinary approach to plant science in a global context, the conference aims to collect speakers and presentations that cover wide ranging scientific and policy related themes within plant science, thereby showcasing state-of-the-art scientific developments and contributions to policy shaping towards plants science at the European and national levels.Plant Biology Europe is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

  • Professor Sándor Orbán’s 70th Birthday

    A conference dedicated to Professor Sándor Orbán’s 70th Birthday will take place on 30th November-1st December, 2017

  • Index seminum 2016 of the Botanical Garden

    Index seminum 2016 of the Botanical Garden of Eszterházy Károly University

  • New issue of Acta Biologica Plantarum Agriensis

    Newly published issue of Acta Biologica Plantarum Agriensis is already fully accessible.

  • Fieldwork with Swiss researchers

    With colleagues of the Dept. of Ecology and Evolution of the University of Lausanne (group of Prof. Christe), the Museum of Zoology in Lausanne and the University of Debrecen our colleagues of the Institute of Zoology conducted a field trip aiming at the research of the blood- and ectoparasites of Miniopterus schreibersii in the North-Hungarian Mountain Range, in september.

  • Students meeting

    International students meeting at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Danube Region Invasive Alien Species (DIAS) network

    The second meeting of the Danube Region Invasive Alien Species (DIAS) network was held in Budapest between 23–24 April, 2015 in Budapest.

  • Researchers' Night

    The European Researchers' Nights have been organised every September since 2005.

  • FESPB&EPSO Joint Plant Biology Conference 2016: 26 - 30 June

    The FESPB&EPSO Joint Plant Biology Congress 2016 is going to be held in Prague 26 - 30 June, 2016.

  • Professor Tamás Pócs the record of his 80 years

    Sándor Orbán & Erika Pénzes -Kónya

  • The Eszterházy Academic Club

    Dear Colleagues, Students and all of the Eger inhabitants who interested in Science!

  • Call for a conference

    3rd Conference of Cryptogams: Recent research in cryptogamic botany

  • Planta Europa Wild Orchid Conservation Workshop

    The programme of the workshop includes lectures of invited speakers about the species conservation programmes of wild orchid species in Europe and laboratory programmes on mycorrhiza isolation and seed germination practices.